Skipping April Fools

April Fools

Sorry, no joke: no April Fools stories this year.

Over the last decade, we’ve had some good April Fool’s Day stories at SQLServerCentral. We’ve had Decoding the SQL Server Index StructureOpen Source SQL ServerDatabase Wars Coming for the XBOX 360, and more. I think my favorites was SQL Server on Linux, which still gets hits today. The best jokes seem to go over on a Monday, but today I’ve decided to skip April Fool’s Day at SQLServerCentral.

Coming up with something plausible, exciting, but unrealistic is a good challenge for me every year. The people on the team will exchange some ideas throughout the year, and I’ll usually put together in February or early March, trying to contain my worry that the joke will not go over well. I think I’ve done a good job over the years, and I have a few good ideas for next year.

However April Fools isn’t on a weekday this year. It was yesterday, Sunday, and the idea of a joke the next day didn’t sit well with me. “It’s April Fools” as a response to something run on April 2nd just doesn’t have the same zing, the same excitement. It seems too contrived for me, so I decided to sit out this year.

Next year April Fools is on a Monday, and with all the changes we’re likely to see over the next year as SQL Server 2012 matures, SQL Azure changes, and Windows 8 comes out, I’ll be ready with a few new stories that will have you anxiously wishing for an RTM date as you read. Until you hit the “April Fools” message near the end.

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  1. Tom says:

    So Wednesday is now the day between Monday and Tuesday?


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