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Less Energy through Better Design

When I attended SQL Saturday #131 at the Chandler Gilbert Community College, I was struck by a few design elements that I thought were great examples of how a little thought can improve the experience of a space, and use … Continue reading

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SQL Saturday #131 Recap

This past weekend I attended a SQL Saturday in the desert. SQL Saturday #131 was held in Phoenix, AZ It’s April, but it was definitely hot. However the campus at Chandler Gilbert Community College was geared to the desert with … Continue reading

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You need to run DBCC CheckDB regularly

You never know when you’ll encounter corruption. It can happen at any time, usually due to some sort of hardware problem or driver issue. Corruptions don’t disappear and you can’t necessarily Corruptions can be caused by numerous factors, and it … Continue reading

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Being Responsible for Code

I read this great account of how Facebook releases new code, and found it to be very interesting. Apparently the entire FB site compiles to a single 1.5GB binary at this time. That in and of itself is interesting, but their … Continue reading

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