Almost an MCSA

I took four beta tests earlier this year for SQL Server 2012. I had debated writing another book, and I’ve worked on a few of the cert books in the past, so I thought this would be a good chance to look at the tests. Since I had free invites to the beta program, I also thought, what the heck. The worst that can happen is I fail.

It’s been about two months, and I was waiting for results when someone mentioned that the Prometric site had the results, though they weren’t yet up on the MCP site. I checked, and sure enough I had results for some of my exams. I checked a few days later, and found results for all four of my tests. They were:

All passed, which was cool. I think certification is what you make of it, and I’ve been looking over lots of SQL Server 2012 stuff for almost a year, so to me it says I have some good knowledge of SQL Server 2012. The tests were a good mix of old and new stuff, and not as focused on the new features, which was good.

The MCSA track for SQL Server 2012 needs 461, 462 and 463. I skipped 463 in the beta cycle because I’m not much of a DW person, and I was busy. Fitting in 4 exams across two weeks was hard, and took time away from work that I had to make up at night.

I’m not overly concerned about being certified, but it’s a nice feather to have in your cap. The MCSE for SQL Server 2012 requires the MCSA and 464 and 465, which I have. So one more test and I’d have the MCSE as well.

My goal now is to start studying for 463, after I get a few more presentations built that I need for work. I hope to get to this test in the fall, or perhaps at the end of the year, depending on my schedule. I haven’t done a lot with the DW side of things, so I’ll be working, and likely writing, about a few more DW topics later this year.

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