Down and Dark

I came back from vacation to find the home DSL line bouncing up and down a bit. I wasn’t overly worried, and the kids knew to restart the router when it went down, crossing their fingers for a good connection. I suspected the router might be dying, and was getting mentally prepared to go hardware shopping. I figured I’d enjoy the downtime and stay unwired for the last few days before going back to work.

On Sunday night, our connection was down for good, with a red light on the router. I called Monday morning into the Century Link tech support line, and they informed me they knew there was an outage. Good, I thought, they’ll have it fixed soon. I packed up and spent Monday in town working at the library to not fall any further behind.

Tuesday morning had the line still down, despite complaints to Century Link. The people answering the phone apparently are not any more informed by their engineers than I am. I find that hard to believe, but there wasn’t much I could do. I packed up again, and am in town working again.

Broadband access has almost become a commodity, and I’d argue that for many of us, it’s a utility. We pay bills online, get sent all sorts of information online, many of us not even getting newspapers anymore. It’s not longer a luxury, but a necessity for us to make do in the modern world. For me, it’s part of my job, and the lack of a line is a huge impact to me getting work done.

Fingers are crossed that this gets fixed soon as work is piling up.

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