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SQL in the CityThis coming weekend is SQL in the City – London 2012. Friday, July 13, and Saturday, July 14, I’ll be at One Wimpole Street in London. This is the Royal Society of Medicine, a fantastic venue for events near Oxford Circus. I’m looking forward to the event and the venue.

This is the first stop in 2012 for our SQL in the City tour. These are the only two days in Europe and then we come back to the US with a 5 city, 11 day tour of the US. I’m looking forward to the events, but not the travel. It’s a lot of flights in a short time, and quite a few hotels. Fortunately I’ve consolidated down to one carry on bag and a backpack for travel, so I should be in and out of airports quickly.

This week I fly overnight on Wednesday to arrive in London and recover on Thursday before the Friday and Saturday events. Then I’m back home on Sunday, just in time to start another week of work. A quick trip, and likely not much sightseeing for me, but if you’re up early, you might find me running down Oxford Street in the mornings.

I’ll be delivering two sessions in London. They are both new and while I’ll link them to a few of the Red Gate tools, these aren’t sessions built around our products. These are sessions that talk about the issues of Disaster Recovery and Contained Databases.

If you’re coming to one of the London events, please feel free to grab me and shake my hand. I’ll be the guy in the Hawaiian shirt and cowboy hat Winking smile


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2 Responses to Back Across the Pond

  1. Gethyn Ellis says:

    Hi Steve

    I won’t be at SQL in the City this weekend but I am intrigued how your talk on contained databases links into redgate products?

    I don’t want you to give anything away before the event but could you share what redgate tools you talk about in relation to contained databases?




    • way0utwest says:

      Very lightly. Really Red Gate products are good for AlwaysOn. Compress the replica databases with SQL Storage Compress to save space. Backup Pro works fine with AGs, but it doesn’t respect the “backup flags” you can set within AlwaysOn technologies. However it does support templates, so you can easily set up backup jobs across multiple nodes the same and then enable/disable as needed. Monitor will monitor AGs, and can help you track what’s going on with your systems.


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