A Long Day

Flying all night from Houston, arriving in London at 6:40am, taking a train into the city and then finding a Starbucks to work in was the agenda for today. It worked out, but it feels like a long extension of yesterday, with very little sleep on the plane.

Hotels don’t usually let you check in this early, which means that I’m struggling a bit to concentrate in the  center of London, people wandering in and out of the Starbucks by my hotel. Hopefully I’ll get checked in soon, and get some rest and then work in a little piece on my presentations for tomorrow. They’re done, but I want a little more practice.

Traveling is always a little challenging when you need to get work done and you are out of your routine. Add in the lack of cell phone service in another country, and it’s a tough spot to be in today. Fortunately I got most things done before I left home, just working on a few Database Weekly things, which are easier to handle in a busy atmosphere.

At least I found a Starbucks.

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2 Responses to A Long Day

  1. Chris Yates says:

    Safe travels Steve; wish you well and good luck on your presentations.


  2. Jamiet says:

    Get on the tube and come to Richmond. I’ll treat you to a Starbucks 🙂


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