Sacramento SQL Saturday Here I Come

Packing for SQL Saturday #144 in Sacramento, CO. Dan Hess, one of the organizers, asked me last November at the PASS Summit if I’d come. I told him I’d try, and the scheduling worked out. As soon as I was sure that weekend was free, I submitted sessions and booked my flight. I’m only doing one session, which is nice. I’ve been booked for 3 many times, which makes for a busy day, and less people I get to meet.

I’m doing my encryption talk at 8:30 in the morning, so come early if you want to know what options there are for encryption in SQL Server. I’ve done this one a few times and it’s always a fun one, getting people to understand the basics of encryption.

That’s all I’ll have time for on this trip. It’s a quick one for me, and I have an early flight to get back home for baseball and a kid commitment on Sunday.

If you’ll be in Sacramento, come on by. If you’re attending, please stop me and say hi.




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