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DBA Support

There was a time when I managed two production databases on SQL Server. Two. I had a development version of one database where we paused development for testing, and only two production databases to manage. Since I had to also … Continue reading

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Two Steps Ahead

  Exceptional DBAs do more than respond to events and issues in their environments. In many cases, I think they even go beyond using metrics that detect problematic activity on their systems before users notify them. I think the best DBAs … Continue reading

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Windows 8 First Impressions

I haven’t worked with Window 8 at all. I’m not a big beta tester, and it’s been a busy few months for me, so I haven’t bothered to mess with any of the previews. My Win 7 desktop works well … Continue reading

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A SQL Server Log Reader

One of the regular problems that data professionals have to deal with is the whoops disaster, or some type of data entry error. It could be the DBA running a delete without a WHERE clause, or a user updating a … Continue reading

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