T-SQL Tuesday #36 – What Does Community Mean?

tsqltuesdayIt’s T-SQL Tuesday time, this time it’s a non-technical topic, or at least not a directly technically related topic. The SQL Corner, from Chris Yates (b | t), is hosting and the topic this month is “What Does Community Mean To You?

You can read the rules on Chris’ blog, and if you’re interesting in hosting, contact Adam Machanic (b | t).


I run one of the largest SQL Server communities on the Internet. From the very beginning, Andy, Brian, and I were concerned about building a community. Our goal was to create something that reflected who we were, embodied our ideals, and would be the type of place that we would want to visit ourselves.

In a little over a decade, it has grown to be an amazing place where people help each other out on a daily basis. Whether it’s with articles written that someone will read weeks in the future, or through near real time interactions in the forums, there are thousands of data professionals on a daily basis interacting with each other at SQLServerCentral.

Community to me is more than SQLServerCentral, however. It’s more than a web site, or a SQL Saturday, or a group of people that perform the same jobs. Community is more than sharing your knowledge, or asking questions of others. Community includes the bonds of caring, of having each of the members matter to the others. It’s not perfect, and we have our share of disagreements, discontent, and even dislike among members.

In that case, it’s like family. This SQL Server community reminds me of family: not always pretty or peaceful, but always something I am proud of being a member.

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