Annual Email Pruning

Like most of us, I get a lot of email. I get subscribed to various services from different ads, events, etc. throughout the year. That’s fine. I understand how marketing works, and the reason that I get some free services, or some lower cost events is because of the marketing that comes through email newsletters or other information. The reason SQLServerCentral was able to grow and survive was because of marketing, and our email newsletter, which I’m thankful so many of you subscribe to on a daily basis.

I like to think that the SQLServerCentral newsletters are interesting and worth your time to glance at. I don’t expect most of you to read them every day, but I do think that it must be interesting more often than not for your to keep subscribing. I know the Database Weekly ones are, and I hear from more than a few of you if we ever end up forgetting to send one out.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve undertaken an annual tradition of weeding out some of the email advertisements I get. As new mail arrives in my inbox. I make a quick evaluation of whether or not I’ve been reading the other mail from this particular sender and if it’s valuable. If not, I’m unsubscribing.

I do this periodically on Twitter as well, cleaning out my timeline if I find someone posting in there things that aren’t interesting enough for me to continue following them.

Time is one of my most valuable resources. I’m willing to give vendors and people a chance to prove that they add something to my workday, but if they don’t, then I let them go.

BTW: If there are things you’d like to see improved at SQLServerCentral or Database Weekly, let our webmaster know or post a note in the forums.

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