Predictions for 2013

I’m on holiday, but I have a set of predictions for 2013 coming on Jan 1. This is a little notice in hopes that a few of you might join in to the meme and make a few predictions for 2013.

Database related, technology related, car related, write a few things down that you think might come true in 2013 and post a link back here or drop it in the discussion for my SQLServerCentral editorial on Jan 1.

What do you think will happen in 2013?

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2 Responses to Predictions for 2013

  1. Joel Oleson says:

    Prediction: Mobile and Internet development will become synonymous. Anything you build for the web should be responsive or adaptive or be seen as poorly designed. No longer will it be cool, but required.


  2. Chris Harshman says:

    Predictions: In an attempt to appease businesses struggling with SQL Server 2012 licensing, Microsoft makes changes which will result in even more confusion and a higher end cost to the customer. It will be announced that at least 2 new features introduced in SQL Server 2012 will be depreciated in the future, Microsoft will announce that their decision to abandon OLE DB in favor of the older ODBC was wrong and will re-abandon ODBC in favor of some new technology that is not fully implemented yet in the .Net libraries.


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