sp_Blitz, v16, on SQLServerCentral

Brent Ozar Unlimited released v16 of this sp_blitz script, which is designed to run on a SQL Server instance and give you a quick, comprehensive report of the state of the instnace. It’s a great script, and if you have the chance to see Brent present on the script, go see it. It’s a great show and a good explanation of why you might want this type of script.

I haven’t had to manage the SQLServerCentral instances, but I decided to run this and see what jumped out at me. I started a series at SQLServerCentral where you can follow along with my results. The first article went up today.

  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Performance
  • Query Plans
  • Backup
  • Global Trace Flag
  • High Availability
  • Informational
  • Non-Default Server Config

You should think about auditing your servers periodically with something like the sp_Blitz script, which will allow you to ensure your servers are running at peak performance.

Administering your instances is an ongoing job. It’s not a time intensive daily job, but it’s something you should be doing periodically on all your instances, with monitoring setup on your servers to let you know when things might be causing problems.

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