Filestream and Filetable in SQL Server

This talk is an update of my Unstructured Data in SQL Server talk that looks at the Filestream and Filetable features of SQL Server.

This session begins by presenting a case why we will manage more binary (unstructured data) in the future. The growth of this data is amazing. From there we delve into the basics of the three main types of data:

  • structured
  • semi-structured
  • unstructured

The session examines the basics of Filestream and how you get enable this feature, administer it from a DBA perspective, and move data in and out of Filestream columns.

Filetable is introduced along with demos on how to enable this data, as well as a brief search demo to extract information from documents.

Level: 200

Length: 60-75 minutes

Demo Code:


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Presentation Schedule

This session has been given at these places.

Apr 9, 2013 – SQL Intersection Spring 2013

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