SQL Saturday #175–Fargo

One of the goals early on with SQL Saturday was to spread them far and wide. Andy Warren and I used to chat about how long it would be before we had 12 events in a year, or one event a month, or an event in every state. Karla Landrum (b | t) has made many of those milestones come true and is working hard to try and get an event in every state in the US, as well as in as many countries around the world as possible.

SQL Saturday #175 comes to Fargo, North Dakota, on Saturday, April 27, 2013. The first event in this state, and also my first time visiting the state. I’ll be heading out Friday morning, and seeing what Fargo has to offer that day before talking on Saturday. I may just have to see the Wood Chipper.

My talk is The Encryption Primer, but there are some other great choices if you’re looking to increase your SQL Server knowledge. The schedule is up and includes these:

  • Aaron King giving you a complete BI solution in an hour.
  • Powershell from Jim Dorame
  • Dimentional Modeling from Jason Horner
  • Indexing from Jes Borland
  • T-SQL from Kathi Kellenberger
  • and more

Lots of great sessions, and it should be fun.

If you’re close to Fargo, consider registering and joining us at the first North Dakota SQL Saturday.

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