Not My Google Reader Replacement

Someone suggested Newsblur to me, and I went to their home page. Like many sites, it asks you to sign up, so I decided to give it a try.


The import from Google Reader caught my attention, so I clicked it. It asked for an authorization from Google, and then I got this page:


I have to say. Not only do I now see anyway to understand the difference between $2 a month and $3 a month, but I also feel like this is a bait and switch, given the top banner. This could have been called out on the home page, though I suspect not as many people will click through.

I’d gladly pay Google Reader $2 a month, but I know what I’m getting. Here I’m not sure, and I’m already annoyed.

The search continues.

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  1. km says:

    Feedly with the Feedly Reader extension gets the job done to a certain degree, while it’s not Google Reader, it certainly is better than a bait and switch!


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