The Ultimate Desk?

I was wondering what this was when I saw it at the Microsoft Technology Center in Philadelphia at SQL Saturday #200. I sat in it, and thought it was pretty cool.


Turns out it is an Emperor 1510. You can actually buy it, for between $5000 and $20000, depending on the options. I think this was the cheaper version, and it was pretty neat.

It’s not perfect, but it is neat to sit down, have the monitors then lower to meet your preferred height. There’s a flip over desk piece that has space for a keyboard. I guess you’d need to mount a keyboard on it, but it’s a neat idea. With a cup holder, it’s pretty neat. It also reclines up and down, so you can work at your preferred angle.

The downside might be that getting in and out is a little slow. The monitors take a little time to move up and down, and you might easily bang your head.

Not sure I’ve love this, or if it would be good for you. I like my standing desk, and use it a lot. Even at a sitting desk, I like getting up regularly and moving, not sitting for long periods of time.

However this is cool.

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