Backup Your Certificate for TDE

If you’ve enabled TDE, you need to be sure you have a copy of the certificate that protects the Database Encryption Key (DEK). If you follow my instructions, then you have one.

If you didn’t make a backup, or you have just discovered a TDE database, make one now, and secure the password you use with your DR materials (off site).

How do you make a backup? That’s easy. Use the BACKUP CERTIFICATE command. Here’s the command I use in demos:

USE master
 TO FILE = 'tdeprimer_cert'
               FILE = 'tdeprimer_cert.pvk',
               ENCRYPTION BY PASSWORD = 'AStr0ngB@ckUpP@ssw0rd4TDEcERT%')


The certificate for TDE is in master, so you must make sure you’re in master for the backup. The TO FILE option lets you choose the file path. By default, this will be in the DATA folder for your instance, but you can choose other locations. You can give an extension if you like. This file is the certificate (public).

There is a private key portion of the certificate, which is backed up with the “WITH PRIVATE KEY” portion of the command. This is where you specify the password and provide the protection for your certificate.

You will need this password on restore, so keep track of it.

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