Slimming down The Voice of the DBA Podcasts

I announced in the Christmas editorial that I was discontinuing the video podcasts. Needless to say I heard a complaint from my Mom that afternoon. She enjoys the podcasts, even though she doesn’t understand all the technology. I did get a couple other notes from people and thought I should explain things better. I’ll also put an announcement in the Jan 2 newsletter.

The podcasts have been enjoyable, but also a lot of work. Mostly because they require me to record video, have a location, quiet, etc. to get the recordings done and then there’s editing. If you look at the bloopers, I have quite a few mistakes during the recordings, so there’s no shortage of fix-up to perform in post-production.

Last year one of the senior management at Red Gate questioned whether it was worth continuing the podcasts. I decided to look at some numbers, ask people, and then decide. I also wanted to get to 1000 of them.

I hit 1000 last week, and end the year with 1004 podcasts, which is quite a run. It’s been a few years and it feels like I gave it a good chance to grow. However, it didn’t grow much. As I look at the numbers, the MP3 and MP4 (iPod) podcasts have the best numbers for downloads, with WMV not really even mattering. I suspect that the automatic nature of iTunes means that people download them automatically without any issues. As I’ve talked with people, I’ve also realized that most people prefer the written word for this type of information. It’s faster and easier to consume.

Having met my goal of 1000, and not seeing wide scale adoption, I’ve decided to stop the video podcasts, at least as a regular production. I might do the occasional one.

The audio (MP3) podcasts as much easier to record and produce, and since I know some people enjoy them, I’ll continue those for the time being. I’ll upload those to the iTunes location and see how that goes.

What Else Will I Do?

That’s a good question. I’ve had more speaking engagements in the last couple years, which has definitely impacting the podcasts at times. I missed a few days, which was very annoying to me. I suspect I’ll be doing more speaking and presenting in the next year. I’ve also got no shortage of other projects to tackle.

One of those is the idea of a radio show instead of a podcast. In technical terms the only difference is that the show will be live most of the time with some interaction with an audience. My initial idea is a weekly show, one that won’t take too much time, but will give me a chance to continue to experiment with how to best reach an audience. I’ve proposed something to my boss, so we’ll see what else happens.

As for other items, we’ll see what happens as the future progresses.

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  1. Andy Warren says:

    I’m sorry to see them end, even though I rarely watched them. A combination of prefering to read and often having heard your thoughts on a topic as you were developing it. Might be interesting to do a ‘best of’ compilation.


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