Cleveland Rocks! (and does SQL Server)

My first flight of 2014 will be to Cleveland to run a SQL in the City seminar and then speak at SQL Saturday #241. Both are free events, taking place on February 7th and 8th, respectively, and it’s a great chance for you to improve your SQL Server skills, network, and move your career forward.

SQL in the City Seminar

Grant Fritchey and I did SQL in the City seminars last year (and 4 big events) and we kick off 2014 in Cleveland. Come see our Deployment Stairway half day session on Friday, Feb 7, 2014. It’s free, but we’d like you to register.

We’ll be presenting 3 sessions that build on one another. We’ll set the base with Version Control Systems and databases, giving you some things to think about. We then go into Automated Build and Test, essentially Continuous Integration, which is an amazing process and one you’ll want to get set up in your environment. We finish off with a look at deployments, giving you some ideas on how to smooth and automate this process.

We’ll cap the afternoon off with a short happy hour, giving you the chance to talk to Grant and myself about anything SQL Server, or anything else.

SQL Saturday #241

My second time to a Cleveland SQL Saturday will be #241. I think this is their third or fourth in total, but timing hasn’t worked out well for me. However I’m excited to go back and see friends and meet some new people.

As an added level of excitement, the T-SQL guru from SQLServerCentral, Jeff Moden, will be speaking. Come learn from one of the masters and speed up your T-SQL code.

Of course, there will be a ton of other speakers there as well. With 7 tracks and 6 time slots, you’ve got the magic number (and answer to the universe) of sessions to choose from. Speakers from all over the country will be there and you’ll have to really think about how to spend your day.

I have 2 sessions in the morning. I’ll be talking about encryption at 8:45 and then branding at 11:15. Learn about how to better secure your data and the options that are available for encryption in SQL Server, and then learn about how you can stand out, improve your brand, and find a fantastic job for you.

My apologies in advance that I won’t make the after party, but my daughter has a volleyball tournament in Colorado on Sunday and I’ll have to leave a little early to catch a plane home Saturday night. However I’ll be around during the day and please feel free to say hi and introduce yourself.

As I mentioned, both events are free, so if you’re interested in database deployment, sign up for the seminar and if you want to work with SQL Server, register for SQL Saturday.


If you’re looking to be a better DBA and want to learn about the internals of SQL Server and how to better recovery data, think about attending the pre-con from MCM Argenis Fernandez on Friday. It’s an inexpensive training session that will teach you a lot.

If you want to learn about Powershell, Allen White is putting on an Automation pre-con using PoSh on Friday as well. Learn how to better manage your instances with a little scripting and thought.

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