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It’s a little less than two weeks until SQL Saturday #271 – Albuquerque. The second event in that great city, and the beautiful state of New Mexico. I rarely get there now that my brother moved away, but’s always neat to visit.

I was lucky enough to get chosen to speak and attend the first event last year. When I got my acceptance, a few of us from Colorado got together and planned a #sqlski day on Friday. It worked out well and we have plans to do it again. A few less of us this year, but a few new faces as well. Some of us will be driving to Taos on Thursday night and skiing Friday before driving the rest of the way to Albuquerque.

This event was a lot of fun last year with an amazing lineup of speakers from all over the country. It was amazing to see how many speakers came from different states, though I do prefer to see more local speakers. Perhaps we’ll inspire a few more New Mexico SQL speakers to jump into the event next year.

In any case, we have people from Missouri (Bill Fellows), Nebraska (John Morehouse), Texas (Tim Mitchell), Utah (Pat Wright), California (Denny Cherry and Lori Edwards), North Carolina (Bill Pearson) and of course, Colorado. There are at least 13 of us coming down from the north, by my count, and a few more that might be attending.

I’ll be talking Encryption at the first session at 8am, and from there you have a great choice of lots of other sessions.

If you’re anywhere near Albuquerque, I’d encourage you to register and come. It will be a fun day of SQL Server learning in New Mexico.


If you want to ski on Friday, keep an eye on the #sqlski hashtag on twitter and we’ll let you know where we are.

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