Powershell in a Month Day 13 – Remote Control

This is part of my Powershell Challenge, to learn more about PowerShell (PoSh) using the Learn Windows Powershell 3 in a Month of Lunches book by Don Jones.

Remoting. It sounds complex, and intimidating. It isn’t, and it’s powerful. It’s also essential, allowing you to access commands on remove machines.

The chapter starts with the idea of remoting, and running commands elsewhere. We learn this comes from telnet and other remote type access, and is implemented as a web services protocol, WS-MAN. Incidently, this is how SSMS works. Your T-SQL is executed remotely on the server, not on your workstation. Lots of people don’t get that and get confused.

This chapter presents a challenge. You need a domain for security to work correctly, or easily, with remoting. There are potential workarounds, but it’s an issue. I haven’t had a domain at home because of overhead and not wanting a domain controller set up. That means some setup work to build a couple virtual machines and create a domain.

Ugh. Annoying, but it’s something I should do. I have wanted to rebuild a domain for some time, but haven’t bothered, but this is the excuse to do so. As such, I read the chapter, and started setting up the domain. That will take a few days, so I’ll continue on with the next chapter as I get a domain ready. More notes to come once that’s done.

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