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Virtual Lab – Creating Differencing Disks

This is part of my series on building a virtual lab for use with SQL Server and Windows. You can see the entire series here: Building a Virtual Lab with Hyper-V. The whole point of virtualization is better use of … Continue reading

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The Remote Balance

I still have hope that we will see more and more remote workers in the future. As large companies downsize and choose smaller facilities, and as many new companies start from scratch, we’ll see many of them considering telecommuting to … Continue reading

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The Security of Interconnected Systems

It’s a scary world in the wild, wild west of the Internet. Many days I think that’s a closer metaphor to the World Wide Web than the relatively ordered Kensington High Street in London. There are lots of bad people … Continue reading

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Why Should You Network?

This editorial was originally published on August 17, 2009. It is being re-run for the President’s Day holiday. Why should you network? I’m speaking about interpersonal networking, not the bits and bytes in the ether kind 🙂 It’s an interesting … Continue reading

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