Getting RUN back in Windows 8

Recently I heard a few people that note that they were really hoping the next update for Windows 8 will bring back the “Run button”, which was available in XP and Windows 7. I guess it was in Vista, but we won’t talk about that fiasco.

I asked a question to the Intertubes and someone told me to do this:

  • Hit Windows+R
  • Pin the Run item to the taskbar.

It’s that simple, and I tested it in Windows 8. It works well. Here’s what it looks like:

Hit Windows+R, that’s the Windows key and the R button together. That gives you this:


The Run dialog appears in the lower left hand corner. For me, that’s just above the IE icon (this is Windows 8, not 8.1, no Start menu button) and the last thing I ran is in there. I removed my item, but you will see what you last ran.

Now, if you look in your taskbar, on the right side, you’ll see an icon that is the run dialog. In the image below, I’ve drawn an arrow pointing to it.


If you right click this icon, you’ll get a menu.


If you click “Pin”, then this icon will remain in the taskbar. You can click it anytime to get the Run dialog.

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