The Powershell Challenge Update

I’ve fallen down on my challenge over the last month. It’s been a content time, with me working more towards presentations and writing most of Mar and April to meet deadlines and commitments. I also let my calendar reminder die in Feb and didn’t renew it.

As a result, here I am, 6 months in and only done with 19 chapters. That’s a good way in, but it’s not complete. With some downtime coming, I’m looking to get back into this and using it a bit more.

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  1. Chris Yates says:

    You always put out a lot of great content on this blog; I can’t comment on all of them but I am particularly interested in this challenge you are doing and glad to hear you doing some more with it. I know your time is valuable so always a pleasure to read the other items that come your way in between. Have a good one sir.


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