Speaking at SQL Saturday #304–Indianapolis

indy304Next weekend is SQL Saturday #304 in Indianapolis, a milestone for me. It’s the first Indy SQL Saturday I’m speaking at, though not the first one they’ve held. I’ve been to the Indy Tech Fest, but that was years ago and I’m looking forward to going back.

It’s also the first 300-ish event for me. I’ll be at #300 in Kansas City in September, but as it sometimes goes, #304 is happening before that milestone.

This looks like another great event, with speakers coming from all over. The schedule has Allen White, Brian Davis, and Erin Stellato coming from Cleveland. Joey D’Antoni from Philadelphia, Kevin Boles from Alabama, Rob Volk from Atlanta, Tamera Clark from Tennessee, and more. I see amazing sessions on Azure, T-SQL, execution plans, extended events, XML, Hekaton, and more. The biggest challenge will be choosing between sessions.

I’ll be delivering my branding session, at 9:15, so hopefully I can convince a few of you to network and brand during the day.

If you are anywhere near Indianapolis, which means Louisville, Cincinnati, Dayton, even Chicago or St Louis, I hope you make the drive and come attend.

And please be sure to stop and say hi and shake my hand. It’s always a pleasure.

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