Intermediate T-SQL: PIVOT, UNPIVOT, and APPLY

This is the second of a series of talks I put together on intermediate T-SQL topics that many database developers might not understand. In this talk, we cover the other join-type operators that exist in the FROM clause, outside of the INNER, OUTER, FULL, and CROSS join clauses. We break this hour into three main areas, covering:

  • PIVOT and crosstabs

Most of the time is spent on the APPLY operator, which is arguably the most useful of the three. I show how APPLY is like an inner or outer join, and also how it can be used to improve performance of a scalar function, how it can be used to run some queries that are difficult with INNER JOINs, and how we can use this to easily find query plans and code in performance tuning.

The PIVOT operator is compared to a crosstab, which is similar. We see how to write a query using either method. We also show the UNPIVOT operator.

Slides: TSQL_IntermediateQueries.pptx


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