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I made a bucket list over a decade ago after hearing an interview with Ted Leonsis, former President of AOL. He had an interesting list, and while mine was more pedestrian, I have managed to knock off quite a few items, though there are more I’d like to get to. Actually, I need to redo my list and re-think my life as it’s changed since I first wrote things down.

Over the years, I’ve also tracked other sorts of data about my life, things that just intrigued me. I had my running streak (1500+ days), 14ers climbed (4), states visited (38), books read each year (75-100), and more. I’m not quite sure why numbers have a fascination for me, but they do and perhaps that’s why I like working with technology and data.

I’m sure that many of you share a similar passion for numbers, so I wanted to ask you this week:

What interesting data points do you track, or have you tracked, about your life?

It could be something with your family, hobbies, sports, weather, or something else. If there’s something you track and would like to share, let us know. If you have some interesting way of tracking data, or even an application you’ve worked on, I’m sure there are others that would find the data interesting.

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