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I was updating my speaking schedule and CV, trying to get an idea of what might be planned for 2015. As I was doing so, I decided to do a quick count of events and talks to see where I was last year. Last year was tough, and I need to find a way to better balance life and travel in 2015.

What I found surprised me. While I attended 26 events and gave 46 talks, that was down from the previous year. The numbers are:

Year Events Talks
2008 2 2
2009 2 2
2010 7 10
2011 13 21
2012 17 33
2013 30 54
2014 26 45

I found 2014 to be a hard travel year, with quite a few trips out of town. However I think the main problem was that much of my travel was compressed. I didn’t travel for a few long stretches, including a 6 week stretch when I had surgery, which meant that other travel was compacted into a few short periods. Sept and Oct were particularly hard.

I was surprised at how few events I’d had in 2010 and prior. I would have thought my load increased more linearly, but it hadn’t. Certainly in 2010, my daughter was still in elementary school, my wife was working full time for a corporation and traveling quite a bit, my middle son was starting middle school, and my oldest was graduating. 2011 freed up some time, and made it easier for me to travel. 2012 was the year when my life left her job, making things much easier for me to schedule trips.

I suspect 2015 will be more like 2014, though I hope to spread the travel out. I’ll be speaking in at least one new country, which is exciting for me.

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