The SQL Bits Schedule

I’ll be speaking this week at SQL Bits XIV in London. I’ve got two sessions, and please feel free to come watch if you’re interested. Here are my topics and times:

  • Thursday, Mar 5, 2014: Branding Yourself for a Dream Job, 4:00pm-5:00pm
  • Friday, Mar 6, 2015: Get Testing with tSQLt, 5:00pm-6:00pm

I usually wander into sessions as I have time, but I do like to look over the schedule and see if there is anything interesting I want to see. I’ll arrive Thur morning and then have Friday and Saturday as well at the event.

I have a wide variety of interests, though I’m leaning more towards development practices lately. I don’t see much on Thursday that interests me, or that I haven’t seen already. I may wander in and out of talks to see what strikes my interest.


The Developer Side of Monitoring looks interesting to me. I tend to use SQL Monitor, but it would be good to know if there are things I might do to extend how we use Monitor in our environment.

Lessons learned from the cloud might be interesting as well. I can’t decide if I think the cloud is great, or a mess. Perhaps I’ll get something from this one. I also will try to see either Temporal Databases or Deep into Isolation Levels. I met Boris last month in Germany, so I would like to see him speak.


No speaking for me Saturday, which means the chance to meet people and also wander around. There is another tSQLt talk in the morning, so I’ll go see if I can learn something from someone else doing database testing.

I’d like to learn more about Columnstore and Parameter sniffing, so those talks are on my list. I do like to see how people scale systems, and Bob Duffy is entertaining, so I might go catch part of his DVD Store talk. I’ll probably duck out early, because CI is a good topic for me and there’s one on CI for SSRS.

The afternoon will probably have me a bit worn out, but I’d like to see an FTS session with Dejan or maybe I’ll critique Reeves in his Biml talk. I’m not sure if I’ll catch any of the last sessions, though lightning talks can be fun, so maybe I’ll wander in there before I head to the airport.

Quick Trip

Three days at Bits, a first for me, though I’ll be coming and leaving right away. I’m off to Dublin for a couple talks next week.

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