It’s amazing to think I’ve been gone 10 days, out of the country. SQL Bits was amazing, and still is the best SQL Server conference in the world I’ve seen. I haven’t been to them all, but this is the best of those I go to.

Ireland was fantastic, and a very warm welcome for a day of training and then a talk at the Dublin SQL Server User Group. Some really interesting questions for me to blog about and answer in the next few weeks.

Photo Mar 05, 10 40 37 AM

I saw some neat SQL Server tips, tricks, ideas, and inspirations, which is always a good thing as it motivates me to do more and learn more as my career progresses.

And I got a new shirt:

Photo Mar 05, 4 15 07 AM

An amazing gift from the crew at SQL Bits. My own speaker shirt. I was quite touched and I really appreciate the effort they went to. I know what I’ll be wearing next year.

Photo Mar 10, 1 52 58 AM

A few people were jealous, since the "regular" speaker shirts were blue polos. I guess I stand out a bit from them. The Friday night party was fun, with the Captain making an appearance.

Photo Mar 06, 2 43 03 PM

All in all a great trip.

Now back to work.

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