The April Blogger Challenge

I’d encourage you to take Ed Leighton-Dick’s challenge to blog in April. Read his post, start writing, and put your post out there. Tweet about it, and be proud.

However, if you’ve never blogged, I have a modification for you. Publish privately. The important thing is to just start writing and communicating.

If you’re looking for help getting started, I’ve got a few posts for you:

Blogging is a great way to give potential employers some insight into who you are. My view is this can only help you find a better job that’s a good fit for you. If you work at it and to it well.

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3 Responses to The April Blogger Challenge

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  2. sqlwayne says:

    Well, I’m in. I was going to start earlier, but Spring Break and a sudden burst of stuff at work and creativity on my new project ate my brain.


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