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The April Blogger Challenge

I’d encourage you to take Ed Leighton-Dick’s challenge to blog in April. Read his post, start writing, and put your post out there. Tweet about it, and be proud. However, if you’ve never blogged, I have a modification for you. … Continue reading

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This editorial was originally published on Oct 22, 2010. It is being re-run as Steve is away on vacation. There was a debate recently about older IT workers and the fact that there is some age discrimination going on in … Continue reading

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Someone asked me the question recently about how tSQLt works with TRY..CATCH blocks and the exceptions that we might test for. It works fine, just as it would with other code, but you need to understand that a CATCH still … Continue reading

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The Basic TRY..CATCH

Have you written a TRY..CATCH statement in T-SQL? I hadn’t done it for most of my career, since the construct hadn’t existed. As a result, my code over the years is littered with catching @@error in a variable and then … Continue reading

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