SQL Prompt – Killing the Detail Box

I work for Redgate and write about products. I’ve got a series of SQL Prompt posts here on little things I like. SQL Prompt might be my favorite tool.  SQL Prompt will be yours as well if you give it a try.

I love SQL Prompt and use it constantly. When I don’t have it, my code writing process slows to spurts and stutters, and it’s painful.

However one of the defaults for SQL Prompt is to pop up details about objects when I’m typing, as shown below:


I usually want the object name to appear, but I hate seeing the definitions. That’s rarely useful to me.

I can turn that off with a quick setting change. If I choose SQL Prompt from the menu and select Options, I’ll get a dialog with a number of sections on the left. The one that pops up first should be “Behavior” and there’s a checkbox in this for “Display Object definitions (see the image below).


If I uncheck this, then I still get the list of objects, but no definition. The view in this image is a much easier way for me to write T-SQL code.


You can see this noted in the SQL Prompt docs.

You can see a complete list of SQL Prompt tips at Redgate.

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