Implementing Continuous Integration in Redmond

On May 15, 2015, Redgate Software and one of our partners, Northwest Cadence, will be presenting one of the DLM Training Workshops I helped build in Redmond, WA. I’m excited to be traveling up to WA for the event and helping support Dan Wood as he delivers the training on Continuous Integration (CI).

This is our Database Continuous Integration workshop, and it’s a great way to learn how you can take your database code and get it automatically tested and built in a CI process. CI has taken hold in many parts of the software industry, but not so much databases.

This workshop uses the Redgate tools, which make the process easier. However you can just use concepts with your own scripting or other tools. Our goal here is to help you get comfortable with the idea of CI and


The workshop assumes you have your database in a version control system (VCS). If you don’t, then you should. We have a workshop on using source control with databases as well, but really you should just script our your database and put is in SVN, Git, or something. Or just use SQL Source Control, which makes it really easy.

The other requirement if you have a laptop with you. We’ve built a number of labs, and we really, really want you to try and implement this yourself. We’ll provide a virtual machine up in the cloud, but we want you to have the chance to actually do the work.

Register and Learn

You can register today and purchase a ticket if your company is interested and you want to get some hands on experience with the technology. If you want to learn how to better engineer your software development on SQL Server, and haven’t given this a try (or are worried about it), think about coming.

Register today

SQL Saturday #393 – Redmond

Our workshop is the Friday before SQL Saturday #393 in Redmond, WA. That’s a free event, and you can come there as well. I’ll be delivering a talk there, hopefully on testing, which is certainly important to CI.

Either way, you can get a full day of in depth training on Friday at the workshop, and then a variety of topics on Saturday at the SQL Saturday event.

Hope to see you there.

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