PSA: Update Your PASS Profile

I got my annual two emails from the PASS organization with the notification to update my profile to vote. I’m not sure why I get two emails to two different email addresses when I’ve only logged into one profile account in the last six or seven years, but I’m sure the data pros at PASS will deupe their list one of these days.

Last year there were issues with voting and eligibility as many PASS members never logged into their profiles and weren’t seen as eligible to vote.

This is your Public Service Announcement.

If you didn’t get the email, or ignored it, go to and log into your profile. I assume you can do that.

Once you do that, you should see this checkbox in your profile. If you don’t, contact PASS


This is what  the email says.


If you didn’t get one and think you can vote, contact PASS and let them know.

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