PostgreSQL v SQL Server

A site that’s a comparison of the platforms.

Certainly some good arguments being made, but (admittedly) biased towards specific workload items that the author uses.

However, I agree with lots of the items listed. There are quite a few items, such as 1.1 and 1.2. Not having 1.5 is stupid silly. I know I can write a CLR assembly and stick this in here, but why hasn’t it just been included? 1.6 is interesting for sure and as someone that lives in BOL, it is very frustrating.

Without a doubt there are some cumbersome things in SQL Server that I think could be made much, much easier. However, as pointed out numerous times, MS is concerned about money, and not necessarily making the product better.

I don’t agree with the Linux v Windows debate. Lots and lots of people run Windows and the latest surveys I’ve seen of servers from automated places show Windows as close in terms of numbers.

I’m also not sure some of the BI stuff matters a lot in a general comparison, but if that’s what you do, then this is interesting. I’d also point out that since MS is trying to move into these areas, some of these things are being addressed. SQL Server 2016 will support JSON and R.

Enjoy the read. Don’t get too wrapped up in the details, but certainly if you think some of these items are important, let MS know.

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