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As our databases contain more and more information, it is becoming increasingly more common to implement some sort of auditing feature to ensure that our data is not being inappropriately accessed or altered. It’s not only the management of our organizations, but also regulatory rules are becoming more numerous, and some may think onerous, which increases the burden on the DBA.

There are numerous products available to help here, but SQL Server has included it’s own internal features since SQL Server 2008. However, it seems that I encounter many people that are unaware of the SQL Server Audit feature, and indeen, may not be aware of the Extended Events system on which it’s based. This week I wanted to ask if you are using this feature.

Are you using SQL Server’s native Server Audit and Database Audit features?

If you can share and reasons or details on how you are using the audits, or how easy it is to administer them, it would be interesting. I think we do need to increase the level of auditing on our systems at least to ensure that we are not experiencing any inappropriate data access. At a minimum, we should be monitoring for privileged level access or account changes.

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