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Are you confident in your version control practices and code backups? If so, are you willing to do this? Wipe your applications and database schema from your servers and redeploy things from your Version Control System (VCS).

I’ve typically maintained code in a VCS, but I have to admit I’d be worried about being positive about which version of code was deployed to which server in many of my previous jobs. Only in one position would I have been positive about which code was deployed to every system.

I was teaching a class recently with Ike Ellis and he mentioned a consultant he knew always asked this. The reason was that if you can’t be confident of the state of your development code, you can’t really have confidence in your refactoring. There will always be places in the code that no one is willing to allow changes, and your flexibility will be limited.

That’s very true, though even if you know what code you have, I’m sure there will still be sections of your code that no one wants to change. However, our goal should be to get away from code that’s untouchable.

We should be able to change any code in the system if we have a good reason. When we can make improvements, we should. We need the confidence that we can alter code when we see the need. That means that we need a repeatable, reliable, adaptable software development process. That’s something we can’t build without making the conscious decision to do so.

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