Why Use Version Control?

I’ve spoken with quite a few people in the last few years that don’t see enough value in version control to actually implement it. Most of them agree using a VCS is a good idea, but they aren’t doing it. Maybe this analogy will help.

I was listening to Ike Ellis talk about VCS and he said something like this. Imagine you had a ten foot board to walk across and it was laying on the ground. You’d be willing to walk, skip, dance, maybe cartwheel across it. After all, what are the consequences?

Now imagine this board is 50 feet off the ground. How do you cross it now? Many of us would be more cautious. In fact, if you’re like me, you’re likely laying down on the board, gripping tightly as you move inch by inch.

However, what if there were a net below you? And if you fell, this net would toss you right back onto the board where you’d fallen so you could continue on from the last place you’d had success.

That safety net is your VCS, and when you’re working along coding, you’re crossing a board that’s quite a distance from the ground.

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  1. This is a great analogy!

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