tSQLt in Azure SQL Database

I was excited to hear about the v12 Azure databases supporting CLR assemblies. Mainly because I’ve been doing testing work with tSQLt and wanted to run tests in an Azure database.

I upgraded a SQL Azure database to v12 and connected in SSMS. My first step was to open the tSQLt file.

2015-08-14 14_27_22-Start

I had the file open, connected to Azure. This was the easy part. Now I need to actually send the batch across and compile the code:

2015-08-14 14_27_33-Start

My next step was to execute it. However that didn’t work as well as I expected.

2015-08-14 14_27_58-New notification

There are multiple errors here, but it’s possible that one error causes others. I pinged Sebastian Meine, the creator of tSQLt about the External_Access and he noted there was only one method that needs it.

So I decided to make a change. First, a search.

2015-08-14 14_28_18-tSQLt.class.sql - dkranchapps.database.windows.net,1433.Predictions (sjones (54)

That got me the assembly installation.

2015-08-14 14_28_28-Start

I decided to try and change this to something that’s contained inside the database. Since Azure is a bit of a black box, I thought safe was the way to go.

2015-08-14 14_28_42-Start

With that change made, I compiled the entire file again. This was the only change I made.

2015-08-14 14_30_18-Movies & TV

That’s cool, but does it work? I connected in Object Explorer and then opened SQL Test. I saw my database, and I could create a test.

2015-08-14 14_31_36-Cortana

However I got an error on the connection and creation of a procedure.

2015-08-14 14_42_31-Movies & TV

Even from Object Explorer, I refreshed the procedures, but got this:

2015-08-14 14_42_44-Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

This appears to be a SQL Server 2014 RTM error. Actually I was on a CU, but not SP1. It is supposed to be corrected in SP1.

However the procedure was created, and I could alter it.

2015-08-14 14_43_50-Movies & TV

More importantly, I can execute it.

2015-08-14 14_44_04-SQLQuery4.sql - dkranchapps.database.windows.net,1433.Predictions (sjones (52))_

If I change the code.

2015-08-14 14_44_23-Movies & TV

Now it fails.

2015-08-14 14_44_33-SQLQuery4.sql - dkranchapps.database.windows.net,1433.Predictions (sjones (52))_

It appears that tSQLt can now work in v12 databases in Azure, so start adding those unit tests to your database projects.

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  1. ooo00ooo says:

    So what specifically will not work as a result of the change to safe from external_access? I’d quite like to use tsqlt but have been put off by the external_access requirement as this will be a sticking point with our dba’s on our test environments and I don’t really want the config of our live environment to be different to our test environment for any reason.


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