A Great SQL in the City 2015 Seattle

Yesterday was the Seattle edition of the 2015 Redgate Software SQL in the City tour. I was in London a couple weeks ago for the first event, and we closed out the year in Seattle on Monday.

I had some, fun, as you can see here.


Slava Murygin has a bunch more pictures on his blog. Check them out and you can see how much everyone enjoyed the event.

The day started early for me, and with rehearsals early and the need to iron a shirt, I didn’t get a chance to work out in the am. That was disappointing. It still was a 10k step day, but I’m looking forward to yoga or running today. We arrived and practiced, working through the demos and talks with our CEO, Simon, and  Alastair, a developer working on Visual Studio stuff. We felt a little less polished than in London, and I think we were all more nervous this time.

The keynote seemed to go OK. We missed a few lines and I was hoping it wasn’t too cheesy showcasing tools, but people seemed to enjoy it.

My Version Control talk started slow, and I was a bit worried about time, but ended up going long with some questions and had to skip some of the branching stuff. I need to write more and get some things up on this blog since I didn’t cover the topic well enough. I have to apologize to Brian Randall for running long. I gave him about 3 minutes to setup before his session.

The rest of the day was chatting with people before the panel at the end. I think the panel is one of the more interesting sessions, with us debating and chatting about building software and we got lots of questions. There were 4 or 5 more hands in the air when I had to cut things off. I’d really like to see us do two panels a day, with only 3 people and the chance for more questions from attendees that are struggling with issues.

I had to rush out of the event for the networking dinner with Andy Warren, but it was an enjoyable day and one I hope we repeat in 2016.

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