#SQLFamily Feud

I’ve started a new project. Actually, I started this well over a year ago, but I lost track of it and last week, despite the craziness, I was reminded of the effort and decided to get it going.

What is the Game?

A few of us were chatting about fun things at events and someone came up with the idea of Family Feud.  I thought it was great and started collecting questions. I then began organizing them, thinking I’d send out the list to 1000 people and get lots of responses.

We would have the data available, and distribute it to someone at an event, such as SQL Saturday, and allow them to run a game. A game typically is two teams competing against each other, trying to give the top answers to a particular questions. Sometimes there are 4 answers, sometimes 6 or 7, but the idea is to get three of the answers for a team to win points. The first team to buzz in, or in this case, maybe signal the moderator gets to answer, each person in turn.

Three wrong answers and the other team gets one chance to answer and win the round.

I envision that we’d allow each group to collect points in maybe two rounds, and then we’d have a final round. The final round is one person from each team answering a set of questions. I’d say we do 5 to keep it quick. The second person doesn’t hear the first person’s answers, and together they need 200 points, with the count of survey answers matching their answers being added to each sum. Duplicates are not allowed.

It’s a little cumbersome to explain, but watch the show on YouTube to get an idea how it works.

Delays and Distractions

However, I wanted to narrow the field, and didn’t want to send this in the SSC newsletter to everyone. Perhaps that was a mistake, but in compiling my list of people, I got distracted. Building a large group to email to is tedious, and despite some OCD on my part, I also have a little Short-Attention-Span-Syndrome.

I had a soft launch last week, posting the first survey on Twitter and getting 100 responses in a few hours. That was kind of cool.

I’ve got 6 surveys, which is a good start. I’m thinking if this works, that I’ll look to run additional surveys and collect more data that can be used in the future.

What’s Coming?

I am planning to randomly announce surveys on the @SQLServerCentrl and @way0utwest Twitter accounts this week to try and get more responses, but distribute them around the entire #sqlfamily.

If you want to participate, watch out for the #sqlfamilyfeud hashtag later this week and send your answers in quick.

If you’re an event organizer and want a copy of the datasets, feel free to ping me.

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