The Database is the Cornerstone

I saw a case study video the other day from Redgate Software. It was a look at one of the upper management on Fitness First, a fitness/gym company that has facilities in dozens of countries. It’s a good, short summary of the benefits they’ve seen from implementing DLM and ALM, with the DevOps Guys.

It’s worth a watch, and I especially like that this manager understands and gets that the database is the cornerstone of better software deployment. That’s his quote. Without being able to be flexible and agile with the database, it hampers your flexibility.

Fitness First at SQL in the City

I also appreciate that they do regression testing in an automated fashion. It helps them reduce the number of bugs and speeds their ability to deploy. They also have moved to curated sets of test data to allow them to test known cases and bugs they’ve seen.

They also “run at speed”. They meet the business needs, they can work quicker to meet client demands. That’s important.

Fitness First also did a presentation at SQL in the City. I sat in and was impressed, especially with some of the work from the DevOps Guys. It’s long, 40min, but interesting.

Fitness First Case Study

I wasn’t sure what to think when it started, but by the end, I think that this is a good view of how DevOps can help. It probably is more valuable to you if you have a backlog of work, but even if you want to develop and deploy at a pedestrian pace, having a DLM/ALM setup can build your confidence and reduce bugs.

There are a few other short videos that showcase what some of our clients think of DLM and automated database deployment:

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