The Easy Phone Restore

This is hardware week for me, with a new phone coming in the mail. This was a warranty replacement for one whose battery is dying. I can start the morning at 7am with 100% charge and by noon my iPhone is asking to go into Low Power Mode at less than 20%. Fortunately I have a warranty program with my carrier, so they just sent me a new one.

I was a bit amazed (again) at how easy it is to move and replace an iPhone. To be fair, my wife got a replacement for her Nexus, and it was about as simple. Both of us use cloud backups, and with an easy restore, the vast majority of our phones are back in service, icons, apps, settings the way they were. Switch SIM cards, and the new phone just works.

Of course there are some passwords to re-enter and new authentication, but it’s very minimal and once I get my password manager running, things go smoothly.

I wish it were as simple to upgrade a laptop. Instead there are numerous applications to install and get configured. Fortunately I’ve got a process that worked well last year, and I’m getting the chance to refine slightly this year. I’ll be posting a bit about that as I move forward.

Now I’m hoping that this phone works a little better than the last one and gets me through some of those long, SQL Saturday days.

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  1. neilbu says:

    Steve, I recently upgraded my iPhone (from a 5s to a 6s plus) and was surprised at how simple and efficient the entire process was. I can’t agree with you more about the workstation (laptop or desktop) upgrade situation. My personal workstation is about 5 years old and the only thing that prevents me from upgrading is the thought of how long it will take and all the related implications. It certainly would be nice if we could just connect a cable to a new workstation and push a “magic” button!


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