The Next DLM Demo Webinar–Feb 23

A quick note that I will be presenting a webinar on Feb 23rd at 10:00am MST. That’s noon EST and 5:00pm GMT. You can sign up here if you’d like to watch. This is similar to other DLM webinars I’ve done that look at the Redgate stack of products that help you develop database software in a smoother fashion.

I am changing things up a bit. This time the stack is:

  • Git – version control
  • Team City – Continuous Integration or Build server
  • Octopus Deploy – Release Management tool.

As with the other webinars, I’ll show how I track the version of the database in each environment, then show how to make changes in SSMS, commit them to my VCS with SQL Source Control, and then deploy them in an automated fashion across various environments. In this case, I’ll have this flow of environments

  • development
  • integration
  • test
  • acceptance
  • production

It’s an impressive demonstration. As I’ve watched this grow at Redgate, I am impressed with how well things work. I wish I’d have had these tools when I built database software earlier in my career.

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