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Team Purple

This is Down Tools Week at Redgate Software, and I’m visiting the office. I had hoped to dive into a team and participate, but scheduling and other commitments mean that I’m only working with a team part of the time. … Continue reading

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Filtering Objects with DLM Dashboard

I’ve been looking at some of the features of DLM Dashboard as I go through work building database development pipelines. In this post I wanted to cover one of the lesser used features, filtering objects. Note: DLM Dashboard is a … Continue reading

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Did My Dev Changes Get to Production?

One of the things that people don’t think about often is whether the changes made in development actually get to production. Usually this is because most changes go, and unless it’s a big change that causes a problem for a … Continue reading

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What’s Database Drift?

The first time I heard someone mention drift at Redgate, it made sense to me. After all, in the context of the schema of your database, I can see the code “drifting” away from what you expect. Someone noticed this … Continue reading

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