PowerShell–Don’t Use Write-Host

I’ve written a few scripts and programs lately, mostly just for fun. In those scripts, I’ve used Write-Host to return output. To me, it’s been like “Print” in various languages where I can get output of a program. Often I’ll use a method/function to get info and then use print to output that to the caller.

However a few people noted that in my last script, Write-host wasn’t necessary. When I asked why, both Mike Fal and Drew Furgiule responded. I got these two items:

I learned something new today. I had assumed that I’d need a way to get the output to the screen and manage output with my own logic. I’ve had this before

$debug = 1

if $debug  = 1 { write-host $somevariable}

However a quick check shows this isn’t really what I want. Instead, I’d use Write-Debug or Write-Verbose. A quick test shows I can do this:

2016-03-02 12_10_16-Windows PowerShell ISE

That’s much better than passing in a debug parameter or changing a value as I run scripts.

Looks like I have some refactoring to do.

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2 Responses to PowerShell–Don’t Use Write-Host

  1. papynormand says:

    Thanks for the information you shared.
    I am using PowerShell scarcely even in the version SQL Server but it is possible that your post will incite me to learn it in a more deep way.
    Your two links seem interesting but I will need to reread them as I am not sure to have understood them in the full way. Sorry , I stopped to learn the English language more forty years ago and I am using it only to post on forums , which is explaining my difficulties to get a good understanding of it.
    I hope you will go on to post articles as interesting as this one.


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