SQL Saturday #492–Phoenix

It’s almost time for SQL Saturday #492 this weekend in Phoenix. I haven’t been there in a few years, but I’m heading back for a quick trip to the desert.

I’ve got two sessions scheduled this weekend, and if you’re attending, I’ve love to see you at one of my sessions:

The event has grown quite a bit, with 13 tracks. I’m hoping a lot of people in the Phoenix area are coming out for a free, exciting SQL Server conference.

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2 Responses to SQL Saturday #492–Phoenix

  1. sqlwayne says:

    I REALLY wanted to go this year since I can stay with my parents for free, but I spent last week in Omaha when a good friend’s wife passed away unexpectedly, so it ain’t happening last year. I also missed the Albuquerque one due to illness, I hope El Paso does theirs or I won’t be getting to one this year.

    I was amazed at the number of tracks that Phoenix was putting on! Quite an impressive schedule.


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