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I’m going to take a page from Joey D’Antoni and start a contest. We’ve gotten quite a few releases of SQL Server 2016, including now 4 Release Candidates (RC). RC3 was released recently, and noted as being feature complete. I am assuming this might is the last RC, though certainly any big bugs might result in an RC4 (or 5).

This week, for a bit of fun, I’m going to start a pool for the final RTM Release number. If you post in the comment thread for this editorial, and guess correctly, I’ll send you a prize. Likely this will be something from Amazon, though I haven’t picked anything yet. Suggestions are welcome, though I am thinking some new SSD. We all need more fast storage.

I’ll use the Price is Right rules, so the closest person, without going over. Ties will result in the first person posting winning, based on thread order. If the final build is 13.00.9500.12, and you post 13.00.9500.13, you’re out of the running.

The RCs have been almost 100 builds apart. However there’s no guarantee that the RTM build will be follow any pattern, though it seems like previous releases have ended on an easy to remember build number like 12.00.2000, 11.00.2100, 10.0.1600, etc.

Take your guess, and if you’re right, I’ll contact you with a private message to redeem your prize. Contest ends when SQL Server 2016 RTMs.

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  1. amtwo says:

    I like the idea of going with some nice round numbers. Lets go with: 13.00.1500.450


  2. pmpjr says:



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