Testing T-SQL Made Easy


Everyone tests that code, but most people run a query, execute a procedure and run another query. This ad hoc, non-repeatable testing isn’t reliable, and encourages regression bugs. In this session you will learn how to begin introducing testing into your development process using the proven tSQLt framework. You’ll run tests with a click of a button, using an ever growing test suite that improves code quality. You will see how to handle test data, exceptions, and edge cases.

Level: 200 (I am assuming you know something about unit testing and tSQLt)


  • Creating exceptions to standards
  • Catching changes to large tables
  • Ensuring the join works correctly
  • Testing Getdate()
  • Isolating functions and stored procedures from other calls
  • Checking boundary conditions


Powerpoint: Testing T-SQL Made Easy.pptx

Code: .zip file or Github repo


  • SQL Bits XV – May 7, 2016

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